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Rawhide & Leather Braided Bosal-Underbridle – J.M. Capriola

$ 26.99

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Traditional Gear – Page 2 – J.M. Capriola

Hand-crafted Bosal, Horse Bosal Natural & Cherry, 24 Plaits

, Assorted 5/8 bosals, Fancy braided leather, Dark Rawhide with beveled edge, Braided Leather and Rawhide Combination, All Hand Made in the

Bosal 5/8 Assorted Fancy 12-16 Plait

Capriola's basic cinch is a red and white candy striped cinch is made with 17 strands of a Mohair Cotton blend. Features Zinc Plate Buckles and

Capriola Basic Cinch - No. 8

Bosal De Cuero para Caballo, Charro Saddle Rawhide Natural Braided Horse Bosal : Sports & Outdoors

Hackamores, Bosal With Headstall, Rawhide Gear

Capriola Round Harness Leather Roping Rein – J.M. Capriola

Steve Harris - Rawhide Braider @

Bosals and Hangers – RC Bean Saddlery

Capriola Great Basin Chink – J.M. Capriola

Capriola Rawhide and Leather Braided Bosalita – J.M. Capriola

Pad Liner Full Skirt – J.M. Capriola

Bosal with Rawhide nose-band and Horsehair sides – J.M. Capriola

Braided Round Rawhide Caveson, Available in solid or adjustable 8 Plait, Round Rawhide Caveson 5⁄16″ without hanger, Round Rawhide adjustable

Capriola Braided Round Caveson

60 Plait Bosal Rawhide – Buckaroo Businesses