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Bulkhead Fitting Female NPT

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SS Tube Fitting Bulkhead Female NPT Connector, 3/8 Tube OD x 1/2

Bulkhead Fitting Female NPT

PTFE bulkhead fitting Female NPT: 3/4. Fitting weighs: 0.55 lbs. Hole size : 1-13/16.

3/4 Female NPT PTFE Bulkhead Fitting - 1-13/16 Hole Size

Bulkhead Fitting Female NPT

SS304 Female NPT Tank Bulkhead w/ Buna or EPDM Gasket

Female NPT x Male JIC Bulkhead Straight Adapter

Agrico Plastics, Bulkhead Fitting, PVC 3/4

TITAN manufactures thousands of hydraulics products including stainless adapters, hose end fittings, valves and instrumentation fittings

3/8 Tube Female x 3/8 NPT Female Connector Bulkhead - Pneumatic Fitting

Boeray 2pcs Bulkhead Brass Pipe Fitting 1/4 Inch NPT Female Thread to 1/4 Inch NPT Female Thread 1.5 Inch Length Outer Diameter 3/4-16 Bulkhead

Boeray Brass Pipe Fitting 2pcs 1/4 NPT Female 15/16 Length Bulkhead Coupling Bulkhead Tank Fitting Frame Nipple